About Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Rafael and I currently reside in Austin, Texas. For me, food is a way to show those in my life just how much I appreciate them and bring my loved ones together in a shared space. With the pandemic, I’ve struggled to foster that experience, so I decided to start a blog of traditional recipes passed down from my family with tips and tricks to ensure success for all culinary backgrounds.

Coming from a family where measurements were made with a special coffee cup instead of measuring cups, I’ve taken the time to break down and transcribe some of my family’s recipes while also adding in helpful tips, tricks and shortcuts to make meals approachable. Kasuul means lazy in Arabic and that’s exactly how I am in the kitchen, hence the blog name, looking for the best result with the tips and tricks to get it done without the hassle. Sometimes you’ll see my kitchen in disarray in photos, but these recipes are made for everyday cooks looking to make something special with and for those near and dear.

The dishes featured range from those traditional to North Africa, Southwest Asia and the Mediterranean, but I also have recipe adaptations I’ve made during my culinary journey that I’d love to share. I hope that during these trying times we can connect through these dishes that I send from my kitchen to yours with lots of love.